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What are your translation needs?

Tired of those hard-to-read machine translations? Worried that your current translation provider understands that style and substance matter? Do you trust that what your original document states is being accurately converted to the target language? Concerned that the reader of your translated text is falling fast asleep from the dullness of the writing style? Then come to Nichibei.


Welcome to Nichibei Translations
Nichibei Translations, LLC was launched May 1, 2005, targeting translations between the English and Japanese languages, as well as proofreading of previously translated Japanese and English texts using the original English and Japanese language content.
Nichibei's team of professionals has honed its translation skills through many years in the translation industry, and understands what you the customer looks for in a translation: quality, service, affordability, speed, delivered on-time, every time.
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We specialize in technical, medical and legal translations, creating finished documents that maintain customer style and content. We work with you in choosing how you want your words to appear in the target text. We are not just translators, we're instructors who want you to understand what we have translated for you.
Unlike our competitors, Nichibei has a streamlined translation protocol, which employs the skills of the translator to their fullest, utilizing all the tools of the industry in crafting concise written translations. We are not just translators, we are professionals from diverse fields who have come together to serve you.
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Nichibei Translations is a registered member of the American Translators Association, the Japan Association of Translators, the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators, Amelia, and New York Circle of Translators.

may 2005 monday
Nichibei's goal is to outperform other language translation providers in terms of cost, quality and delivery. Language translation is often an overlooked aspect of any business desiring to sell their products and services in overseas markets,

and the hope for many who live in one culture to convey their ideas to another, using the language of the target country.

We at Nichibei understand the need for effective, concise written translations. Our partners and key personnel have many years of experience in the translation, proofreading, editing and document preparation fields in both Japanese and English environments.

Our translators are brought together by a common purpose: creating translations that keep your end user enthused through an engaging writing style. We want your document to serve the reader in the target language.

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may 2005 monday
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